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The Manfred Sauer GmbH offers you a complete range of medical aids for your individual bladder continence management. Our products are suited for persons in wheelchairs, able-bodied persons, persons confined to bed and persons with partial incontinence. Furthermore, we can offer you various sources of information.

Statement from the Manfred Sauer GmbH
Our first and foremost priority: to supply you with the goodsyou require for your health.

… simply the best tip you will ever get!
The safe and secure intermittent catheter for men. weiterlesen
Manfred Sauer UK
If you are resident in the United Kingdom please contact Manfred Sauer UK Ltd. They will gladly provide you with all the necessary information on products that are available on the drug tariff. weiterlesen
urinary sheath
Decision guidance: choose of the adequate self-adhesive urinary sheath in few steps. weiterlesen
User Films
On the part of affected persons for the good of affected persons: Support to find the best way of handling the IQ-Cath with regard to your personal requirements. The focus is on the product details, the use of the functional packaging and the different versions of the IQ-Cath. weiterlesen
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