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Terms of Use for Photographs/Illustrations

On request, the company Manfred Sauer GmbH (hereafter referred to as “MSG”) makes available without charge to customers specialized on medical products (homecare providers, medical supply stores, pharmacies, hospitals, wholesalers) as well as business partners and commercial partners (hereafter referred to as “users”) selected photographs/ illustrations in the shape of electronic image files. The MSG owns all rights of use of these images. By loading these photographs/illustrations down, reproducing and/or receiving them the user declares that he has read the terms of use and agrees with them.

The following terms apply to the use of the images.

  1. The user obtains a simple user right to distribute/publish the photographs/illustrations via the following channels of communication:
    - Print media (flyers, newspaper adverts, product catalogues)
    - Online media (the user’s own website, e-mail, online catalogue, online shop, social media like Facebook etc.)
    - Other digital media (television, newsletter, apps)
  2. Use is exclusively authorized and permitted in the scope of the following purposes:
    - Promotion of offers and services of the user’s own business in connection with products of the MSG
    - Announcement and promotion of events/activities/exhibitions, conferences and congresses in connection with products of the MSG
    - Promotion of offers and services of the MSG
  3. Any of the above-mentioned permitted forms of using the images may only take place in connection with the original MSG logo for the products of the MSG. When the images are used, the copyright notice has always to be shown directly next to or in the picture as follows: © Manfred Sauer GmbH It is forbidden to show the copyright notice in another place; this is to be regarded as violation of the copyright. There must not be any doubt regarding the allocation to the rights holder.
  4. It is not permitted to use the photographs/illustrations for others than the mentioned purposes or to relay them to third parties. If, in the context of unauthorized usage, the MSG is faced with third-party claims, the user already now explicitly indemnifies the MSG of all such claims. This indemnification also comprises the costs for legal action required to ward off such claims.
  5. The creation of a copy of the image file or its digital saving is permitted only once and for the use of the illustration in the scope of the specified purposes.
  6. The images are works protected by copyright. For this reason, it is not permitted to modify or deface the images, e. g. by copying them in drawing or by photographing, by photocomposing them or by using any other photomechanical or digital methods.
  7. The photographs/illustrations made available to the user may only be used in the country where the user has his standard business location, and in the scope of these conditions. It is not permitted to use them for other purposes or in another context. We reserve the right to claim recompense in the event of noncompliance.
  8. If the cooperation or the contractual relationship with the MSG is finished, the use permission will expire automatically. If there are doubts that the photographs/illustrations are used as intended, the MSG is entitled to withdraw the use permission at any time and with immediate effect. The MSG is not required to explain on what grounds the use permission is withdrawn on a case-by-case basis. If the use permission expires or is withdrawn, the user is obliged to remove the photographs/illustrations from all communication media unasked and without delay. Otherwise, the MSG is entitled to prompt the user against charge to refrain from further use. For materials already printed at the time, the MSG allows the user a maximum grace period of 6 months from the time of expiry or withdrawal of the use permission during which to use them up.
  9. These terms are exclusively subject to German law. Place of fulfillment and of jurisdiction in case of litigation is the head office of the MSG.

As of January 2017

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