The Manfred Sauer Company

The development of the urinary sheath for bladder incontinence in 1974 by Manfred Sauer is the starting point of the Manfred Sauer GmbH as we know it today.


Since then we have been working continuously to improve and to further develop the range of products. MANFRED SAUER products are now exported to many countries and have gained a worldwide reputation among customers and medical staff.

Our product range today includes self-adhesive urinary sheaths, latex urinary sheaths, urine collection bags, single use catheters as well as accessories and spare components. Providing an excellent customer service is something that is extremely important for us. In our laboratory we not only work on the permanent quality control and the development and improvement of our products we also support  medical trials  through providing prototypes with special dip coatings.

Since 1982 we produce exclusively in our own facilities in Lobbach, Germany. All the products that leave our factory are tested individually. Each and every product, from urinary sheaths to catheters, is tested manually. We are proud of this high (outstanding) level of quality.